The Elusive Sand Being

Sally Sanders – laying on Britannia beach

She emerged, thinking she would not be seen.
Unfortunately, the cold snap made it difficult for her to merge back into formlessness.  To say I was startled when I saw her is an understatement. She couldn’t speak, but her glare said to leave her alone.  I could only imagine the fear she must have been feeling.  I took this picture as a kindness, maybe to educate others that sand beings do exist and you should be very careful where you walk, sit and play in the sand.  Or it is a warning…

Remember, the sand you bring home with you (and as we all know, sand gets EVERYWHERE) can be sand travellers hitching a ride, but if you put them in bottles, they are your prisoner.
They are watching, judging you and planning their escape.

So there is that.

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