A walk one day last year

Tonight’s adventure included wandering over to the beach to watch a gorgeous sunset. I left my phone at home because I hate it today. It keeps me glued to it. I guess I felt a little lonely yet not enough to talk to actual people and solace doesn’t come from scrolling through the phone. A walk near people with minimal contact seemed the right thing to do.

I noticed that the leaves in the trees were large enough to make them sway in the slight breeze. Small groups of people drifted toward the beach all to watch the sun set. The water was blue as was the sky. The clouds around the sun swirled and twirled oranges, pinks and light browns. There was a young boy sulking and throwing rocks into the water obviously mad at his father who was talking on his phone.

I decided to wind my way through Britannia neighbourhood towards home. All the houses are different and unique. The smell of backyard fire pit and unique perfumes of the different trees and flowers flowed around. I came across this cute thing called a book walk. They had laminated pages from a children’s book and posted them on the telephone poles. So I went on A Bear Hunt. I wasn’t scared at all. I did come across a dark wood. I couldn’t go around it. I couldn’t go under it and I couldn’t go over it. I had to go through it.

The frogs trilled their evening song and the bats flew over my head feeding off of the bugs. I startled a poor bunny rabbit but we laughed and went our separate ways.
I came home and blew bubbles from my balcony in the deepening dusk.
I am grateful that I can do and enjoy these little things.

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