Evidence of Existence

I have been walking through the woods on my uncle’s property.
When I was a little girl I loved going into the woods there to see the cars my uncles had dragged back there.
It was the 70’s and that was not unheard of!
Today not much is left, still I like finding the remnants of those days.
My inner child who wanted to be an archeologist gets so excited. A less fanciful person may pish posh it and say straight out “Well that’s just a radiator or a car door.” Junk.
But I see the strong hands of the people who made it and who used it before it could no longer serve its purpose. I see the stories each hand is attached too. I think of these things and of nature that supports us. We notice, of course, the beauty but I think we forget sometimes how supported we truly are. Not only by the earth, but by each other.

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