Beautiful & Benign

I was restless and went for a walk
I found myself at the beach
It was a little eerie, yet I found it comforting.
It was so still
There was the low rumble of the highway and a couple of honking geese off in the distance.
Sounds carried far in that silence.
The fog wasn’t as thick, and I could see some lights across the river.
I cringed with every crunch of my footsteps
It felt wrong to break the silence.
It felt wrong not to stay
I don’t know what I expected
A revelation, an enlightenment, maybe ghosts would emerge from the trees and carry out whatever duties ghosts have.
I wondered if I would hear coyotes in Mudlake.
All I heard was a car squealing in the distance.
The fog makes me think of mysteries, spies and clandestine meetings.
Some dark romance or dark adventure.
It wasn’t either, just a walk in the foggy dark.
Beautiful and benign.


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