Conversation with myself


Me: “Why I believe there just might be beavers about.”
Also me: “You don’t say.”
Me: “That obvious, huh?”
Also me: “Duh.”
Me: “Can’t you just be a little more respectful, please?”
Also me: “Oh shut up.”
Me: “Great. Just great. Ruin a perfectly fine afternoon with your attitude. I am done talking to you.”
Higher me: “Ahem.”
Me: “Hey, who are you?”
Higher me: “The Observer.”
Also me: “What do you want?”
Higher me: “Nothing. Just looking. I didn’t mean to interrupt I just stopped breathing for a moment. No worries, carry on.”

Me: “What was that?”
Also me: “How the hell should I know? Look, there is dog pee. Some people are so entitled. Blah blah blah blah bitch moan complain.”
Me: “Sigh”

Higher me: “Breath in. Breath out. Let it go. Breath in. Breath out.”

Rotten tomatoes rating 1/10...

...That is One of THE most boring things I have had to witness. Unfortunately it keeps happening...

...yawnfest. I was so tired I just closed my eyes. Too bad I couldn't shut my ears...

...this program sucks. Every episode is the same. No originality.

Therapist: And how did THAT make you feel?

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