Least Interesting of All


I took many photos on my walk that day.
This photo was probably the
least interesting of all.

Yet, you see that day was very windy.
You can’t tell here in this photo.
The snow was too heavy for the wind to play with.

Let me tell you, though,
that wind flew across the river,
It incited the treetops as if they were a musical band,
and they roared together, along with the sound of the rapids and a plane flying overhead.
they said.

I stood on the edge of that treacherous river,
buffeted by the wind,
firmly grounded to the earth.
My arms opened wide,
daring it to knock me over,
to play with me.

It did.

Until my cheeks were red,
my hair mussed up,
my eyes sparkled,
and my heart beat hard in my chest.

The wind followed me home that day.
And all through the night it rattled at my door and wooooooo’d
through a slightly open window.

“Wooooo, I am lonely come play some more”

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