Orchestra of the Divine


Breathe in
and out
Breathe in
and out

Touch the lichen covered bark
See the shapes and colours dance before your eyes
Hear the wind weave through the leaves and the creak of branches as the trees begin to sway.
Hear the birds call out to each other.
See them dart this way and that.
Breath in the earth scent of dirt and spruce.

Breathe in
and breathe out
Breathe in
and breathe out.

See the flower
Look closer
Ah! A bee
Hear more bees
busy at work
Touch the mushroom
Protruding from a tree
See the green man’s face
See the old man’s beard
Can you smell the sun’s rays
As it shoots through the openings

It’s an orchestra of the divine
Felt by all senses.

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