Bee bum

Dream a little dream of bees

Imagine all the bees, living in harmony

Thistle bee the one I love

Bee-bi bibby bib yo ba bum bum
Yo ba bum bum
Bee-bi bibby bib yo ba bum bum…

When I was younger, my days were not thoughtful or measured. My thinking resembled King’s Highway 401 with 26 lanes and millions of vehicles zooming everywhere.

Today I walk slowly, a meditative practice to help discipline my thoughts, cutting down those lanes to perhaps something that resembles a country road. I focus on bits and pieces of the paths I walk. When I decide to slow, stop and observe my surroundings, the world shifts and changes, as does my thinking. I find the focus, the breath, curiosity and peace.

Afterwards, my pondering comes together, weighted, more substantial. What was brewing in my mind now shimmers as it waits for the final ingredient that allows it to pierce the veil of foggy dreams to be birthed into this reality—potential, kinetic to mechanical(reality).

Just another way to say walking in nature helps me to clear my mind, ground, and focus myself to solve problems.

But that bee bum and the thistle are beauties, eh.

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